Silicone Drum heater

Oil Drum Silicone Rubber Heater: 
1.Temperature range :0-250C digisplay thermostat
3.220V 1500W
200L(55 gallons)Silicone Oil Drum Heater:
1.Temperature range :0-250C with digisplay thermostat
4.For 55G/200L standard drum
5.Plug as British American European etc
6.Material with UL Certification
7.One year guarantee
8.More than 4 years safety life with normal useful
9. OEM ODM welcome
10.Convenient installation,with some spring
 Type: for 200G,55G, 30G ,20G, 5G or make it as your requirements
Spot supply standard specifications:
Description & V
Drum heaters :200L(55G)
Drum  heaters:20L(5G)
Drum heaters:200L(55G)
Voltage and power
230V  2000W
230V  800W
230V  1000W
Temperature range
590mm 23”
300mm 12”
590mm 23”
Delivery time
3-5 days
3-5 days
3-5 days
PE bags and carton
Application of Silicone Rubber Drum Heater : 
Medical equipment, Battery heating, Foodservice equipment, Factory bonding and subassemblies
Photographic equipment, Optical equipment, Material Handling, Freeze protection for hardware.
For Made-to-Order heaters, please provide the following: 
Qty, Size, Voltage, Watt density, Temperature, Operating temperature, Options, such as holes
PSAS etc.
For more information about flexible heaters, please contact us!

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