magnetic silicone rubber heater

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Fullchance magnetic silicone rubber heater with magnetic force makes the attachment very easy, eliminating the need for adhesive, etc. Built with quality and reliability in mind, the heater is very popular with customers around the world.

Technical Specifications of Magnetic Silicone Rubber Heater-MG Type

1. Heat resistant temperature

Temperature for continuous use 200 Max. temperature 250

2. Power characteristics

Capacity tolerance ±10% Insulation resistance 1000MΩ or over/DC500V Withstand voltage 1500V/min

3. Measurements

Max 400mm×3000mm Min 25mm×50mm Thickness 1.5mm


Our company is a specialized magnetic silicone rubber heater manufacturer in China. We provide an extensive line of products, including a silicone rubber heater, heating tape, heating wire, Kapton flexible electric heater, and more.