• Heavy Industry
    • Preheating device to assist removal of resinous coating.
    • Preheating device for welding used in bridge piers.
    • Preheating device for welding.
  • Automotive
    • Drum and hose heaters.
  • Natural Materials
    • Wood-shaping hot presses for musical instruments.
    • Heaters for paraffin drying in textile-dying machines.
    • Heating plates for drying in cloth weaving machines.
  • Medical Instruments
    • Magnetic stabilizing for MRI Scanners.
    • Heating water for dental instruments.
    • Heated rollers used in X-ray film development.
  • Semiconductors
    • Temperature maintenance for vacuum pipes.
    • Heating surfaces for wafer-resins.
  • Aerospace Instruments
    • H-II Transfer vehicle (HTV)
    • Carbon fiber reinforced plastics repair.
  • General Machinery Manufacture
    • Freeze-proofing heaters for parabolic antennas.
    • Freeze-proofing heater for pumps.
    • Heaters for oil pressure units.
    • Freeze-proofing heaters for hydraulic cylinders in construction equipment.
    • Damp proofing heaters for rice-polishing machines.
    • Damp proofing and heating for large silos.
    • Dust collector hopper. (For powder dehumidifying)
    • Dryers for various uses.
    • Compost disposer. (Organic fermentation heating)
    • Molds for plastics.
    • Freeze-proofing to protect cement from cracking.
    • Hot presses for textile and electric blanket manufacturing, and plywood printing.
    • Hot plates for coffee makers.
    • Defogger for security camera lenses.
    • Heaters for ink fixation in high-speed copy machines.
    • Hot plates for automatic paper binding.
    • Heaters for liquid dispensers.
    • Hot plate heaters for laboratory equipment.
    • Dialyzer.

Flexible heaters (mainly silicone rubber heater and polyimide heater) are regularly specified because of their light weight, thin profile, low thermal mass and flexibility. The possibility for complex shapes, contours and three-dimensional patterns is another advantage. Thousands of application have been discovered in various industries.

Aerospace and defense industries

Common were such applications as temperature maintenance, de-icing and dehumidifying in the instrumentation of aircraft, satellites, navigation, antenna and radar equipment, airplane engine heaters.

Laboratory, medical and dental instruments

Fluid analyzer, blood analyzers, medical respirators, test tube heaters, MRI machine, Incubators, Microplate reader for ELISA, emergency transport, medical diagnosing instrument, disinfection appliance, heating plate, lasers, etc.

Automobile industry

Battery warmer, tire warmer, comfort heating, SCR tank heater, instrument heater, etc

Home appliance

Coffee machine, dish washer, laundry and irons, trousers press, foot heater

Industrial applications

Thermal developing in graphic imaging equipment
Prevent condensation in motors (by warming the motor's electrical windings) or instrument cabinets
Freeze or condensation prevention in housings containing electronic equipment, e.g. traffic signal boxes, automatic teller machines, control panels, gas or liquid control valve housings
Composite bonding process
Semiconductor process heating
Food service equipmen
Drums, pails and tank heating for viscosity control
Gas cylinder heating for gas handling/discharging
Curing of plastic laminates
Computer peripherals such as laser printers, copy machines
Steer wheel heating and air heating for automobiles
Hot pressure for clothing manufacture, electronic blanket manufacturer, printing plywood plant, etc
Heater for liquid dispenser
Damp protection, for example, in dust collection hopper as power dehumidifier
Battery heating
Frost protection in oil tank, pump, and satellite receiving dish, cement production
Touchable screen heating