Polyester (PET)Heater

PET heater film PET heater film PET heater film PET heater film

PET heater uses petpolymer as insulated layer. This material offers many design features such asexcellent dielectric strength in very thin cross sections. PET heaters can becustomized to any size, shape and wattages as your requirements.
Specification &Features:
1. Voltage: 1.5 to 400V(AC or DC)
2. Temperature range:-100 to 120oC (-212 to 248oF)
3. Power range:0.07~2W/cm2
4. Standard thickness:0.1-0.5mm
5. Heater properties:Insulation materials: 0.001-inch PI to 0.002-inch FEP adhesive
6. Color: Transparent,amber-colored
7. Heater flexibility:Best 0.03 inches (0.75mm)minimum bend radius
8. Maximum power persquare inch in still air 0.24W: Customize for OEM and ODM client, Maximumthickness over element: 0.015 inches (0.3mm)
9. Can printing yourLOGO.
10. Can customize anysize, shape voltage flexible PET heater
11. The thinnest 0.1mm as well as various sizes and shapes ofunits are available
Flexible heater, whichis laminated between insulating layers such as Kapton, nomex, polyester, is akind of thin, flexible etched foil heating element
1. Instrumentstemperature control: Gyro-accelerating detector, tail-wing operating device,aero-photographic apparatus
2. Electric appliance:Electric cooker, refrigerator defrosting, accumulator, electric blanket,greenhouse, wardrobe, coffee pot, crystal-electric cooker, bathroom-mirrordefogging, invariable temperature tank, electronic-thermos, compressor, heater,thermos boxer plate, computer humidity-proofing, textiles and cloth dyer, footwarmer, water bed heater
3. Medical instruments:Disinfection, keeping blood, injections and drips
4. Test and research: Crystal ovens,mechanically-heated structures, IC testers and flasks
5. Agriculture andanimal husbandry: Seedling breeder, raising chicken and pigs, breeding fish,incubators, electric blankets for stock and poultry
6. Transportation: Carmirror and signal defogging, water tank heating
7. Others: Electroniccopier, food fermentation, food warming box, circuit heating, water bed heatingsystem and more
Carbon PET Heater Film
Carbon PET heater film Carbon PET heater film
Comparison between different heaters
Electrical Heating Film
Traditional Heater
Heating boiler
Warming way
Far-infrared radiation
Hot wind
Electronic warming
Waterpipe radiation
Degree of comfort
Very comfortable
Not good, noisy
Dry, noisy
Very comfortable
Time of warming
1-2 mins
10 mins
25 mins
60 mins
Quality of air
Fresh, allow to open
Dry, do not
allow to open
Flesh, allow to open windows
Flesh, allow to open windows
Do not need to
Need to repair,
and need to fill Feron every two years
Need to repair
Need to change water every year, and wash pipe every three years
Process of warming
No stive
Some sitve
No stive
No stive
Will not multiply bacilli
Easy to multiply bacilli
Will not multiply bacilli
Will not multiply bacilli
Energy cost
(10hours / 30 degree)

Process flow diagram

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PET heater film

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PET heater film

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