Silicone Rubber Heater

 Flexible Heater Installation Methods
Flexible Heater Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA)
For ease of attachment specify PSA. Installation is simple: just peel off the protective liner and apply. It will adhere to most clean smooth surfaces. Care must be taken when installing to attain a smooth, consistent, uniform bond to achieve maximum results.
Maximum Temperature:
Continuous – 300°F (149°C)
Intermittent – 500°F (260°C)
Recommended Watt Density:
Under 5 W/in2 (0.78 W/cm2)

PSA Plus
A layer of aluminum foil is vulcanized to the back of the heater for added heat dissipation prior to the application of PSA.

Note: To obtain the expected life of Silicone Rubber heaters, care must be taken to mount correctly. Regardless of the mounting technique used, do not trap any air under the heater; this can cause hot spots and possible premature heater failure. Use a rubber roller over the heater surface to assure good adhesion.

Flexible Heater Factory Vulcanizing to Metal Component
Factory Vulcanizing
Flexible heaters can be factory vulcanized to plain or black anodized aluminum, Stainless Steel and other metal surfaces for permanent attachment and excellent heat transfer.

The uncured silicone rubber heater is placed on the metal part and placed in the vacuum oven where the heater vulcanizes and adheres to the part in one operation. This procedure forms an extremely strong permanent bond with most metals due to the fact that the silicone rubber flows into and fills the micro structure in the surface of the metal. The metal part can be manufactured by Fullchance or supplied by the customer. Consult Fullchance for other materials including granite.
Flexible Heater Magnetic Mounting
Magnetic Mounting
A flexible magnetic material can be attached to the back of a silicone rubber flexible heater. Will adhere to many varieties of steel. Ideal for those situations were you need to “Slap On” some heat! Specify when requesting a quote.
Maximum Temperature: 200°F / 93°C
Maximum Watt Density: 1 W/in2 (0.16 W/cm2)
Maximum Width: 24" (610 mm)
Flexible Heater Field Applied Adhesive
Field Applied Adhesive
For a field applied permanent bond, a room temperature and ambient humidity curing silicone rubber adhesive is recommended. Fullchance offers two types:
Both RTV106 and RTV116 will retain physical and electrical properties up to 500°F (260°C).
When using RTV adhesive, cover the heater completely with a thin layer of RTV, position the heater in place, and use a small roller to remove air bubbles, which could cause hot spots and lead to premature failure of the heater.
RTV106 — a red paste consistency, high temperature resistant adhesive sealant.

Part Number: SEA-102-105 2.8 ounces

RTV116 — a red, pourable, high temperature resistant adhesive sealant that will flow or self-level on a surface.

Part Number: SEA-102-102 9.5 ounces



Diameter Mounting
Minimum Diameter:
2.75" (70.0 mm)
Maximum Diameter:
8" (203.2 mm)
Maximum Length:
20" (508.0 mm)
Minimum Diameter:
0.750" (70.0 mm)
Maximum Diameter:
5" (203.2 mm)
Maximum Length:
20" (508.0 mm)

Inside and Outside Diameter Mounting

Fullchance has developed the techniques necessary to permanently mount silicone rubber heaters to the inside and outside diameters of pipes and medium size vessels. This technique is particularly useful for heated drums and air or gas heating.

Flexible Heater Mechanical Fasteners

Mechanical Fasteners
When flexible heaters must be detachable on cylindrical parts, various methods are used. Various techniques routinely used with leather goods can be used on flexible surface heaters. These would include:
Boot Hooks and Springs
  • Boot Hooks
  • Grommets
  • Snap Fasteners
  • Boot Hooks and Lacing Cord
  • Velcro - Hooks and Loops
  • Boot Hooks and Springs
  • D-Rings and Straps
D-Rings and Straps
If required consult Fullchance for detailed information on mechanical fastener specifications.
Flexible heaters may be applied by clamping or compression between two rigid materials. The plate surfaces must be ground reasonably smooth. Care must be taken not to damage the heater or pierce the insulation. Mill out an area or cutout in the top plate for the added thickness of the lead exit area.
Recommended Maximum Pressure: 40 Psi
Note: For added durability, mill out the space for the heater to mount in the same thickness as the heater.

Flexible Heater Three-Dimensional Configuration

Formed 3-D Heaters

Dimensional silicone rubber heaters can be vulcanized to fit a shaped outline. This technique is particularly useful for wrapping SR heaters around pipes or small vessels. Custom tooling or special forms may be required.

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