Kapton® Flexible Heaters Polyimide Transparent Heaters

Heating of Electronic Components- ATM's and Photocopiers
Heating of Aerospace Instrumentation-Satellites and Spacecraft
Semiconductor Wafer Processing
Autoclaves, Incubators and Sterilizers
Vacuum Chambers
Medical Imaging, Medical Diagnostic Instruments and Analyzers

Kapton® Flexible Heaters

The particular application conditions of aerospace, medical, composite fabrication, optical equipment and computers often require flexible heating elements. Fullchance offers a wide assortment of in-stock and custom flexible heaters in Kapton® and silicone rubber materials to suit most any of these needs.

Silicone Rubber heaters permit composite bonding and curing, as well as repair and fabrication operations. Equal length circuits and a cool tab are provided, while a fiberglass reinforced heater cover means long service life and increased durability. Standard watt density is 5W/in2 (0.8W/cm2).

All standard heaters are UL Recognized. Many sizes in stock from 6” x 6” to 20” x 20” (152.4 mm x 152.4 mm to .508 m x .508 m).

Kapton® flexible heaters offer superior tensile strength and tear resistance, with precision heat distribution. They are also ideal for applications with extreme temperature environments, -319°F to 392°F (-195°C to 200°C). Heaters in stock standard at 0.007” (0.2 mm) thick and up to 20” x 26” (.508 m x .660 m) area. Watt density is 5W/in2 (0.8W/cm2 ) standard.

Kapton® Flexible Heaters- Description
Kapton® flexible heaters offer superior tensile strength and tear resistance, with precision heat distribution. They are ideal for extreme temperature environments, from -319°F to +392°F (-195°C to +200°C). Heaters are in stock standard at 0.0007” (0.2mm) thick and up to 20”x26” (.508m x .660m) areas. Watt density is 5W/in² (0.8W/cm²) standard, with units available to 50W/in² (7.8W/cm²).

Kapton® is an organic polymer with very high dielectric capabilities, while providing superior resistance to most solvents, oils, even radiation. With low out gassing, these heaters are useful in vacuum environments. Etched foil heating elements, with 12” (305mm) long Kapton or Teflon® leads, are standard. Silicone leads, as well as custom lengths, cord and plug sets available.

Being transparent, Kapton® film also allows easy visual inspection on the internal structures. Pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing surface is standard, but Fullchancewill customize your Kapton® heaters with special adhesives or mounting holes, as the application requires. Mechanical fasteners such as hooks, grommets, spring-loaded latches, snaps and Velcro® patches are also available. Minimum radius flexibility 1/32” (0.88mm) standard with weight of 1 1/2oz/ft² (0.05g/cm²).