Cabinet heater

Cabinet heater is sometimes also called enclosure heater, or anti condensation heater. They are used to protect customer cabinet or enclosure against problems brought on by temperature variations such as condensation. Fullchance cabinet heters are standard sized silicone rubber heaters attached to the anodized aluminum plates by factory vulcanization. The customer can also attach the customized silicone heaters on their own frames via PSA.


Compared to conventional fan heaters with open air heating element, silicone heating plates have the following advantages:

Pre-drilled standard mounting holes, easy installation
Hermetically sealed heating element.
Double insulation of moisture proof silicone rubber and alkali-free glass fiber, suit for for harsh environment
Larger heating area means lower operation temperature.
Optional with built-in thermostat
Wide operating temperature range: -60°C to 250°C
No moving part, quite operation
Space saving


All lead to the conclusion that silicone heating plates will run cooler and last longer.



dual voltage silicone heating plateRated Voltage:                     110V, 220V, or both
Dielectric Strength:               2000V/min 
Insulation Resistance:          >500M
Working temperature:          -60°C -- 250 °C

Model Wattage(W) Size (mm)
RDB-00011A 50 90x150
RDB-00011B 100 120x185
RDB-00011C 150 150x200
RDB-00008A 70 100x230
RDB-00008B 30 60x100
RDB-00008C 15 60x100
RDB-00008D 45 80x90
RDB-00008E 75 80x140
RDB-00008H 140 100x230
RDB-00008N 300 200x300


Wattage Selection Diagram

All control cabinets emit certain amount of heat to the surroundings through the surface. So the required anti condensation power is proportional to the effective surface area.

wattage selection diagram for anti condensation heating

 The table below shows the effective surface area calculation for cabinets mounted at different locations.

surface area calculation

Typical applications

Provides freeze prevention and condensation build-up protection in enclosures where heat is needed:

Electrical box
ATM machines
Control cabinet
Antiflocculation box
Traffic signal
Lighting box
Vending machine