Enclosure Heaters

Enclosure heaters are custom designed for a wide variety of environmental conditions.

These units are a necessity when freeze and condensation protection is required.

The enclosure heater can be ordered by themselves with an adhesive backing or factory vulcanized to an aluminum plate. The plate will have a flange for easy bolt in assembly. As well, the unit can come with an optional air sensing thermostat in line and bonded to the heater or remote mounted.

Enclosure heater freeze or condensation prevention applications:

Car wash coin boxes
Traffic signal boxes
Valve housings
Telecomm equipment
Enclosures with temperature sensitive components.

Factory Specifications

120 volt
Watt density of (5 W/in²)
Optional 40°-60°F air sensing thermostat
Optional mounting plate

Silicone heater rated at 120 v, 5 watts per square inch.
Silicone leads supplied at any length requirement.
Custom designs available upon request. 

Download Technical Data Sheet of Enclosure Heater

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