Flexible and thin silicone rubber heater

Silicone rubber heater:

Our silicone rubber heater has the features of thin thickness and light weight. Besides, it can be easy to install and heat any shaped objects. The heater has many advantages, like, heating uniformity, stability and installation flexibility.


1,anti-freeze protection and anti-compress for many types of instruments and equipment.

2, medical equipment such as blood analyzers, test tube heter, drying machine, spread sheet etc.

3, outdoor communication devices such as camera lens defroster.

4, plastic film vulcanication and forming

5, car fuel tank, cooling water tank, etc. insulation and glass defroster

6, power distribution cabinet, small machine room, etc. dehumidification

Technical specification:

1, temperature level

  Continuous use temperature: 200oC

  Maximum temperature(short period): 250oC

2, electrical characteristics

  Allowable tolerance: ±10%

  Insulation resistance: 750MΩ

  Withstand voltage: 2000V/min

3, sizes

   Maximum: 4000mmX1500mm

   Minimum: 30mm*50mm

   Thinkness: 1.5mm