Mica flexible heater

-Tailor made strip heaters.
-Max. watt density over the surface of the heater : 4 W/cm².
-Max. working temperature on the strip heater : 340°C.
These parameters depend on the using recommandation and
the connection type.
-Width : 20 to 600 mm, according to the feasablility study.
-Length : 50 to 1100 mm (Min Lg according to the connection)
-Thickness : 1.2mm, without connection.
-Electrical insulation by mica.
-The heating elements have not mechanical protection. We
have to protect them notably against mechanical shocks.
-Connection :
Leads : - nickel core, insulated by flexible silicone
rubber. (Max working temperature : 180°C)
- nickel, insulated with fiberglass silk silicone
(Max. working temperature : 340°C)
Nickel steel, ring faston terminal cable lug.
Disposition of the connection :
- In the width in standard or on the top, according to a
feasability study.
- Disposition : on the same side, on both sides.
See definition of the connections,p.4.
-Voltage :230V for standard. Voltage : max.500 Vac.
Single phase or three-phases (from width 90mm)
6 leads connection : three-phases, commutable 230V/400V.
-Number of connection : according to the intensity.
Nota : heating elements delivered without earth.
Manufacturing according to the standard EN 60335-1
- Wattage tolerance : +5%-10%
- Leakage current < 0.75 mA/kW
Special manufacturings :
Various shapes : manufacturing possible in circular
shape (connection leads)