Silicone Rubber Heaters Temperature Control

There are several basic options for controlling the temperature of a silicone rubber heater.

Silicone Rubber Heater Thermostat

Surface sensing thermostats are mounted to monitor the temperature of the part that the heater is attached to. They can be mounted to stock heaters. Fullchance has several stock setting available and if other temperature setting are required, thermostats can be special ordered.

Close temperature

Open temperature











Thermostats are snap action style and are rated to 10 amps at 240 volts or 14 amps at 120 volts. They are not recommended for low voltage heaters.

Silicone Rubber Heater Air Thermostat

Air sensing thermostats are mounted to sense the temperature of the ambient air. They are commonly used with enclosure heaters when the air temperature is more important than the heater temperature. Air sensing thermostats can be added to stock enclosure heaters and standard stock heaters. They are available in the same temperature ratings as the surface sensing thermostats.

Silicone Rubber Heater Adjustable Thermostat

Adjustable thermostats can only be used to sense part temperature. They are often used with drum heaters but can also be used with standard heaters. Temperature adjustment range is 25°F to 330°F.

Silicone Rubber Heater Thermocouple

Thermocouples can be mounted to any silicone rubber heater and any calibration (J, K, etc.) is available.

Thermal cutouts (a temperature limiting device, not a temperature controlling device) are also available