24V 200W Kapton Heater - 210mm x 270mm

These high-wattage heaters are perfect for a Mendelmax-sized bed with a glass or aluminum table.
Note that while these are made of Kapton, they are not intended to be used as the print surface. You need a durable surface such as glass or aluminum between the heater and the print or you will damage the heater. 
These heaters draw about 8.5A @ 24V so we recommend a minimum of a 15A 24V power supply to run your whole bot. We sell a 24V 17A power supply which gives a bit more headroom and should run cooler.  You can also run these from a 12V supply with our available step-up converter. We recommend a 12V 30A to get reliable performance with this arrangement.

Thermistor Mounting / Attachment Kit for Heated Beds sold separately.