Flexible Kapton & Polyimide Heaters

Flexible Kapton & Polyimide Heaters Overview
Ultra Thin . . . Low Mass
Kapton and Polyimide flexible heaters are ideal for applications requiring low out gassing or operating in extreme temperature environments or where space and weight are limited. The material has high dielectric strength and excellent dimensional stability.

Kapton Polyimide heaters
are constructed using foil as the element and chemically etched to create the element pattern. This chemical etching allows designers the flexibility to distribute wattage and create multiple heat patterns within a single heater.
·    Heating for very small sizes
·    Very thin
·    High dielectric strength
·    Flexible circuit design
·    Superior tensile strength and tear resistance
·    Resistant to radiation and most solvents
·    Transparency allows inspection of internal details
·    Ideal for extreme temperature environments
·    Low out gassing
·    Multiple layers possible
Why Kapton
·    Better choice far high watt density heaters (those over 5 watts/in2). Also used for watt densities of 5 or less.
·    Excellent choice for heaters that require multi-zoned wattages or heaters that have many holes and/or cutouts.
·    May provide an economic advantage for high volume applications.
Insulation Characteristics
·    Transparent amber colored polyimide film
·    Top and bottom layer of Kapton® each with a thickness of .002″
·    Layers of adhesive (.001″)
·    .001″ element
·    Overall thickness of  .007″