Polyimide (kapton) heater

Polymide(kapton) is an organic polymer with very high dielectric capability,thin profile and low thermal mass,while providing superior resistance to most solvents,oil and radiation,
Specification of polymide (kapton) heater
1.Working voltage:0~400V
2.Workig temperature range:-200~+200C
3.Watt density:<7w/cm2
4.Mounting:paste or mechanical
5.Bending radius:>0.8mm
polymide (kapton) heater for many different application such as industrial caterig,battery,warming,environment control or electronics(particularly telecommunmcations),laboratory equipment and anti-condensation,The uses for polyimide heaters are infinite as they can suit any application requirning surface heating up to 200C.Their suitability for arduoud conditions has been proven in application from polar expedition to space exploration.