Environments Of Fullchanc Heater


Fullchance Heater CO.,LTD., through manufacturing of silicon rubber heaters and based on the management philosophy of "Respect for human beings", "Customer satisfaction" and "Symbiosis", commits to resource and energy savings as well as to global environment conservation to contribute to realize sustainable and affluent society that is harmonized with the global environment.

1 We abide by all environmental laws and regulations, and make effort to harmonize with the global environment and to prevent contamination by establishing our own management standards.
2 We endeavor to reduce waste as well as paper and energy consumption in all our business activities.
3 We specify the purpose of the policy and establish our own environmental goals for continual improvement effort.
4 We pursue higher quality and promote environment-conscious operation by conducting manufacture assessment before actual manufacturing.
5 The environmental policy will continually be reviewed and shared by our management. The management disclose this policy to all of our employees and associated contractors for their complete understanding. This policy is also disclosed externally.
6 The environmental policy is documented, implemented and maintained.

Environmental management system

Environmental management system

All Fullchance Heater Products Complied With RoHS Directs

The RoHS(Restriction on Hazardous Substances) Directive has been adopted in January, 2003 by 15 EU(European Union) member countries, witch stipulates restrictions on the use of the specific toxic substance contained in electrical and electronic equipment. The purpose of this policy is to minimize hazardous effect on human body and environment in every aspect of the life cycle of electric and electronic equipment.