Silicone Heaters – Fixings

Fullchance offer a variety of fixing options which can be tailored to your application.

Silicone Heaters – FixingsOPTIONS

For a permanent bond a high temperature self adhesive backing can be applied which allows for simple fixing and gives superb adhesion to most surfaces including low energy materials such as plastics.

Room temperature vulcanising (RTV) adhesive and factory bonding to components is also available where a permanent bond is necessary.

Where removal of a heater is required, fixings such as hooks and springs, Velcro and magnetic backings are available. These can be incorporated on almost any part of the product to provide ease of operation and accessibility.



Fullchance standard termination is via single leads or multi-core silicone cables. These can be terminated with connectors by major manufacturers such as Amp and Molex. Other types of cable as well as spiral wrap and heatshrink sleevings are available on request.



An almost limitless range of shapes and sizes can be manufactured to customer requirements. Please contact our technical sales team for advice and information.



Providing the full design service Fullchance can manufacture virtually any shape and size heater coupled with short delivery times of 3-5 days. From prototype to production and spares to problem solving, Fullchance cover the full spectrum.