High Density Interconnect (HDI)

High Density Interconnect (HDI) flexible circuits offer increased design, layout and construction options over typical flexible circuits. Each High Density Interconnect incorporates microvias and fine features to achieve highly dense flex circuitry, smaller form factor and increased functionality. This technology offers better electrical performance, access to advanced integrated circuit (IC) package use and improved reliability through the use of microvias and thinner materials. 

Fullchance ’s state-of-the-art facility and equipment can provide you with unmatched HDI features and performance, and our IPC-certified designers can assist you with improving reliability and help make your designs easier to build—without sacrificing performance.

  • Lower cost and smaller size
  • Use advanced component packaging
  • More design options and flexibility
  • Improved electrical performance and signal integrity
  • Improved thermal performance and reliability

 Standard  Advanced
Minimum drilled via finished diameter .009" .007"
Minimum laser via formed diameter
.003" <.003"
Minimum line and spacing
.003"/.003" .002"/.002"
Minimum copper thickness 9 micron copper on .002” core <9 micron
Maximum copper thickness
<1 oz <2 oz
Minimum pad size for thru-hole vias
Via diameter +.015” Via diameter + .010”
Minimum pad size for micro vias Via diameter +.006” Via diameter +.005”
Panel size
18” by 24” < 18” by 24”
Thru hole plating aspect ratio
4:1 >6:1
Blind micro via minimum plating aspect ratio
1:1 1.5:1
Panel plating
Yes Yes
Selective plating
(pads only or button plating)
Yes Yes
Number of layers 2-6 6-8
Via fill Copper filled Copper filled


HDI Flex circuits have been demonstrated to withstand in excess of 500HATS cycles ( -65C to 125C).