Rigid Flex

Rigid Flex
A blend of rigid and flex emphasizing the best of both constructions, adding complimenting capabilities that neither possess alone. In its most typical configuration, the rigid-flex is as a series of rigid PCBs joined by integrated flex circuits (with emphasis on the high percentage of rigid area content). There are many excellent possibilities for circuits designed primarily as a flex circuit with the addition of integrated rigid areas. The rigid areas provide excellent hard mount points for components, connectors and chassis while flex areas offer dynamic flexing, flex to fit, and component mounting poised to take advantage of these low mass and vibration resistant zones. This blending leads to creative solutions for your most demanding applications.

  • Using the third dimension creates an optimal solution for applications with extreme space limitations
  • Replaces bulky wire harnesses with a compact, yet robust design 
  • Flexible assemblies reduce connectors as well as labor, yield, transmission and reliability issues
  • These hybrid circuits can have up to sixteen layers
  • Optimized for the rigors of aerospace, medical and defense markets

 Standard  Advanced
Minimum drilled via finished diameter .009" .006"
Minimum laser via formed diameter
.003" .003"
Minimum line and spacing
.003"/.003" .002"/.002"
Minimum copper thickness 9 micron copper on .002” core <9 micron
Maximum copper thickness
<2 oz >2 oz
Minimum pad size for thru-hole vias
Via diameter +.015" Via diameter + .010"
Minimum pad size for micro vias N/A Via diameter +.005"
Panel size
18” by 24” >18” by 24”
Thru hole plating aspect ratio
9:1 16:1
Blind micro via minimum plating aspect ratio
- 1.5:1
Panel plating
Yes Yes
Selective plating
(aka pads only or button plating)
Yes Yes
Number of layers 2-10 >10
Via fill Copper filled Copper filled, Non-conductive

Careful selection of materials coupled with world class plating result in plated through holes that can resist the most demanding environmental conditions.