Multilayer flex circuits offer exceptional performance and reliability in situations where the circuit is exposed to excessive vibration or shock combined with frequent bending or folding. Multilayer technology allows high circuit density connections to be achieved in applications where one or two layers of conductors could not meet the required circuit packaging requirements. Additionally, multilayer flex circuits provide increased functionality with a smaller footprint.

  • Multilayer high circuit density system can handle multiple conductive layers to save space
  • Layers range from one to eight in the flex area and up to 10 layers in the plated through hole areas
  • Flexible design parameters mean that circuits can accommodate EMI shielding layers, through-hole assembly, controlled impedance and other customer-specified electrical requirements
  • Incorporating unbonded areas will increase flexibility in bend regions
  • Ideal for the aerospace and defense markets

 Standard  Advanced
Minimum drilled via finished diameter .008" .006"
Minimum laser via formed diameter
.003" .003"
Minimum line and spacing
.003"/.003" .002"/.002"
Minimum copper thickness 9 micron copper on .002” core <9 micron
Maximum copper thickness
<4 oz >4 oz
Minimum pad size for thru-hole vias
Via diameter +.015” Via diameter + .010”
Minimum pad size for micro vias - Via diameter +.005”
Panel size
18” by 24” < 18” by 24”
Thru hole plating aspect ratio
6:1 16:1
Blind micro via minimum plating aspect ratio
- 1.5:1
Panel plating
Yes Yes
Selective plating
(pads only or button plating)
Yes Yes
 Number of layers 1-8 >10
 Via fill Copper filled Copper filled, Non-conductive

Multilayer circuits can eliminate the need for connectors to join multiple circuits together, reducing the potential for failure.