Double-sided PI Flexible heater

Double-sided flex circuits provide the ability to access circuit traces from both the top and bottom sides of the circuit, which offers greater flexibility in design and functionality. When properly designed and utilized, double-sided flex circuits offer the same level of dynamic, repetitive flexing as a single-sided flex, but with a greater range of application uses due to its ability to carry more complex circuit layouts.




  • Wider circuit design parameters when compared to single-sided flex
  • Reduced assembly costs due to minimized interconnect errors
  • Dynamic flexing ability
  • Reduced packaging dimensions
  • Can mount all component types – through hole, surface mount, and wire bonding


 Standard  Advanced
Minimum drilled via finished diameter .008" .006"
Minimum laser via formed diameter
.003" .003"
Minimum line and spacing
.003"/.003" .002"/.002"
Minimum copper thickness 9 micron copper on .002” core <9 micron
Maximum copper thickness
<4 oz >4 oz
Minimum pad size for thru-hole vias
Via diameter +.015” Via diameter + .010”
Minimum pad size for micro vias - Via diameter +.005”
Panel size
18" by 24"
>18" by 24"
Panel plating
Yes Yes
Selective plating
(pads only or button plating)
Yes Yes
Via fill Copper filled Copper filled

Maximum via reliability is achieved due to the thinness of the overall construction.