Single-sided flexible heater

Single-sided flex circuits offer unmatched flexing ability and ease of design, especially in applications that demand repetitive movement of the interconnected system or sub assemblies. In many cases, single-sided flex can be used to create a cleaner, better-organized system than one that uses wiring harnesses. The leads of single-sided flex circuits are fixed in position thereby making it possible to dramatically reduce assembly errors related to improperly wired terminations.

  • Increased durability when used in dynamic applications
  • Minimizes interconnect errors to provide higher reliability and reduced assembly cost
  • Can mount all component types – through hole, surface mount, and wire bonding
  • Easy to design and quick to manufacture

 Standard  Advanced
Minimum drilled via finished diameter .010" <.0085"
Minimum laser via formed diameter
.003" <.003"
Minimum line and spacing
.003”/.003” .002”/.002"
Minimum copper thickness 9 micron copper on .002” core <9 micron
Maximum copper thickness
<4 oz >4 oz
Minimum pad size for thru-hole vias
Via diameter +.015” Via diameter + .010”
Minimum pad size for micro vias - Via diameter +.005”
Panel Size
18" by 24"
>18" by 24"


Maximum flexibility endurance is achieved by designing a balanced construction with the copper at the midpoint of the circuit thickness.