Flex-Coils combine antenna coils and flexible or rigid-flex circuits in one rugged package. Coils with wire as small as AWG 50 allow high sensitivity in a flat laminated package, or choose an etched coil for total thickness of less than 0.010 inch (0.25 mm). Polyimide insulation provides high dielectric strength, flexibility and protection for the antenna. When integrated with a flex or rigid-flex circuit the package improves reliability, reduces parts count, simplifies assembly and reduces rejects.Flex-Coils can be designed in round, rectangular, oval or other shapes to meet your packaging requirements. They can be supplied flat or preformed to precise dimensions. They are ideal for implantable medical devices, high precision position sensing and non-destructive test machinery.

  • By uniting coils and circuitry in one component, Flex Coils improve reliability, simplify assembly and allow a more compact package
  • Coils and connections are encapsulated inside the laminated flex circuit body, making them less prone to breakage than discrete coils
  • For telemetry in medical implants, and other applications requiring compact inductive coils
  • Flex Coils enable precise and repeatable coil location and orientation, improving system performance
  • Flex Coils can be incorporated into any flex circuit design or layer count

 Standard  Advanced
Maximum outside diameter 4.5" 8"
Minimum inside diameter
.125" .04"
Wire guage
38-50 >50
Inductance tolerance 5% 1%
Resistance tolerance 10% 5%


Encapsulated Flex Coils withstand harsh environments and handling, making your assembly easy