PTC for hair curler

Heating element for hair crimper
The crimper is used crimp hair into various hairstyles. Coil hair on hot crimper, and then make the hair into various hairstyles. The temperature on the crimper’s surface is controlled between 150~220℃。
2. Classify by structures

Hair clamper with handle
With one hot cylinder and one arc clamp
Easy to carry
Crimp little hair one time, low efficiency
Used in home or on trip
Crimpers with electric wire
With 10 or more hot cylindric crimpers on one machine
All hair can be crimped one time. Continuous crimping is possible
High cost, inconvenient to carry
Used in professional hairdressing
Crimpers without electric wire
Several crimpers insert the jack to be heated, then draw them out and crimp hair
All hair can be crimped one time, it is easy to be carried
The crimper cool too fast,  it is necessary to heat them again
Used in home or on trip
Notice for use:
There are some methods to get fast heating: 1) Use larger area PTC’s surface, but it will increase the cost. 2) Use the crimper’s materials with good heat conduct, such as aluminum. 3) Use the PTC with larger current.
PTC heating element can be applied on very wide voltage, for example, 100V~230V. The surface temperature increases (or decreases) about 8℃, when supplied voltage increases (or decreases) 2 time for same PTC. 100V~230V voltage is selected in most appliances, but 12V~24V is selected in a few situation.
Provide service for customers
Our company can supply PTC crimping cylinder, PTC heater with insulating film, or PTC heating pellet. For getting fast heating, the PTC crimping cylinder is commended firstly.
Our PTC crimping cylinders are selected by many known customer, such as, Philip, Toshiba, Sanyo, Panasonic, and so on.