Fullchance® as transparent Heating Film

The transparent conductive Fullchance® films can be easily integrated as transparent heating elements as a thin film on windows, mirrors and displays. Due to their high resolution they can be produced with a high transparency. They can be used to prevent e.g. the fogging of windows effectively without any visible interfering conductor track structures.

This is of particular interest in the automotive sector, but can also be used in many other areas.

Application of Fullchance® as transparent heating film

  • Anti-fog film in windows
  • Anti-fog film in mirrors
  • Anti-fog film in displays

Advantages and  Features of Fullchance® as transparent heating film

  • Thin and flexible due to polyester substrate
  • Easy to integrate
  • High resolution metal structure due to a high transparency
  • Well suited for anti-fog requirements

In case you have any questions regarding the transparent conductive Fullchance® films as transparent heating film please do not hesitate contacting our team via heaterr@fullchance.com