Printed Polymer (PTC) heater

PTC heating pellet PTC heater with insulator film PTC heater with shell PTC water heater
Air PTC heater PTC water heater PTC heating pallet PTC water heater
     Ptc water heater            PTC  water heater                  PTC air heater             Air PTC heater
PTC water heater PTC water heater     PTC load for discharger              PTC air heater
Heater for hair straightener Ceramic heating plate MCH  PTC heating pellet   PTC water heater
 Heater for hair curler  PTC Heaer with shell  PTC water heater  PTC diesel heater
  PTC heater with resin coating  PTC heater with shell        Mosquito destroyer         Infrared treating pet

Products: PTC heating pellet, PTC heater with insulator film, PTC heater with shell, Ceramic heating plate MCH,,Air heater, Heater for hair straightener,,Heater for hair curler, PTC heater with resin coating, PTC water heater, PTC diesel heater, PTC load for discharger, Infrared treating pet, Mosquito destroyer

Some applied samples with our heating products

Prevent frostbite and wet: outdoor preventing frostbite for electric equipment, water pipe, oil pipe, electric circuit.

Drying, humidifying: shoe, clothes, tea hot fan dryer, wardrobe, bookcase, shoebox, moistureproof heater.

Boiling water warming: reservior water heater, shower bath, liquid heater, water transflux heater, tankless shower water heater, instant water heater, footbath, three phase voltage, multi-voltage heating tube, inrustant-withstanding, dry-operating heating tube, stainless steel, titanium, 304, 316, heating tube, solar, air energy water heater, solar panel heating tube.

Hairdressing: hair curler, hot comb, hair straightener, wax melter, moulter, hair wave plate.

Agriculture stockbreeding: hatcher, seed budding warmer, tea dryer, warmer for animal, fish, plant.

Car, motor car: Air heater for car, pre-heater for diesel tank, filter, pipe, heater for carburetor, battery pre-heating, heating system for electric car, hybrid energy vehicle.

Warming, health care: warmer for hand, foot, face, waist, warmer with or without fan for bathroom, bedroom, shop, air condition, massager, sauna bath, infrared wamer, radiator warmer with running water, oil, warmer with underground pipe, warmer in bed mattess.

Home appliance: mosquito killer, travel iron, perfume fragrant vaporator.

Machine, tool: electric iron, hot glue gun, heating for sensor, constant temperature heating plate for PCB, photo film coater, plastic bag capper, drying room, binding machine for book, plastic melter, oven, heating for compressed air, railway carriage, plating bath, teflong, 2520, 800 incoloy, heating tube, AC and DC heating, heating with lithium battery, high power heating tube, mini heating plate.

Food, drink: boiler and wamer for coffee, drink water, tea, wine, milk, soya-bean milk, food, coffee maker and warmer, food roaster, nursing bottle, fermenting case for food, acidophilus milk, drink automatic saler, sugar and chocolate melter.

Vapor: sauna bath, skin vaporator, humidifier, face wetting.

Medical treatment: physical therapy, medical treatment, mainline heater, infrared physical therapy equipment, plant medicament dryer.

Others: temperature switch, delay switch, electronic cigarette.