PET polyester film flexible insulated heater heating element

2019 best selling PET film electric transparent heating film
PET insulated heaters are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and wattages. Polyimide Film offers a high degree of resistance to chemicals, and has excellent outgasing properties in high vacuum environments.
Polyimide  is an organic polymer with very high dielectric capability and thin profile, while providing superior resistance to most solvents, oils, and radiation. In connection with these features, kapton heater is very ideal for applications with space and weight limitation, or where the heater will be exposed to chemical or oil.
Kapton heater also allows easy visual inspection on the internal structures. Pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing surface is standard, but special adhesives or mounting holes can be customized as customer  requirement.
Design specifications
Insulation material
Pet polyester film
Film thickness
Operating temperature
Minimum temperature resistance
Design features
Small space usage; Light in weight; Very thin
Very soft
Different shapes and sizes
Uniform temperature
Different temperatures at different parts of the surface is available
Film with resistance to corrosion, bacteria, radiation and widely used in vacuum and chemical environment
Surface heat insulation material is available
Surface self-adhesive tape is available