Epoxy resin hot bed for 3D Printers

Epoxy resin heating board is mainly composed of alloy circuit board and glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin board, which has the advantages of fast heating, uniform temperature, high thermal efficiency, high strength, high and low temperature resistance, easy to use, long safety life and not easy aging.
Epoxy resin heating plate has stable mechanical and physical performance at medium temperature, stable electrical performance at high temperature, good dielectric and moisture resistance, high insulation performance, strong structural performance and good sealing performance. Can be widely used in mechanical, electrical, electronic and medical fields.
Technical parameters:
The temperature range is from -60℃ to 180℃ for long-term heating. The heating core consists of metal etched foil and graphene. Insulation layer withstand voltage 20-50kv /mm2, can be completely assured to use.
A: electrical parameters:
1) insulation resistance: 50 ~ 200 M Ω/DC 1000 v or higher
2) compressive strength: ≥AC1500v/5S insulation performance varies according to different thickness
3) power deviation: ±5%
4) applicable voltage: 3V~400V can be determined according to actual needs and size
B: thermal parameters:
1) insulation material maximum temperature resistance: 180℃
2) maximum operating temperature: 180℃
3) minimum temperature resistance: -50℃
4) temperature range: -50℃~180℃
C: size:
1) thickness: 0.5~3mm
2) specification: maximum 0.5m×1m minimum 15mm×15mm
3) the shape can be customized arbitrarily. Holes can be cut and hollowed out anywhere according to the drawings.
Applicable temperature control accessories:
1) adjustable digital display temperature control (-50~200C)
2) EGO adjustable knob temperature control
3) PT100 or PT1000
4) thermistor
5) type K, type J, type E thermocouple temperature line
Dustproof and waterproof grade:
1) welding place of power cord: IP 65
2) epoxy resin heating plate itself: IP68
Installation mode:
1) strong resistance to pressure and adhesion of high and low temperature double-sided adhesive, such as 3M PSA
2) screw the hole bolt
3) aluminum plate with cover clamping pressure
Note: it can be customized according to the voltage, power, specification and shape of products (such as oval, cone, etc.). Due to different shapes, the product can be installed and used by pressing, double-sided adhesive, hole positioning, room temperature vulcanization and other methods according to the actual site. The safety life is as long as five years. Epoxy resin heating film, epoxy resin heating board, epoxy resin heating pad, epoxy resin heating panel, epoxy resin heating mat,epoxy resin heating blanket,epoxy resin heating film, epoxy resin heating sheet. New energy lithium battery heating plate, 3D printer heating plate, power battery heating plate, epoxy plate heating plate, epoxy plate electrothermal film, epoxy resin 3D printer hot bed.