Tapering plate ceramic heater for e- Cigarette Application

Heating Resistance: 0.7-0.8ohm, TCR 2400ppm/℃.


Size: 19.1*4.9*0.5mm. aluminum ceramic heating element, structure replaced can be realized, double size glazed, smooth and easy to clean. Thin plate structure, heat fast, heat transfer area is large, flue-cured tobacco uniform and produce large amount of smoke.

High temperature co-firing ceramic heating element, good compactness. Long-term use of high reliability. Heating rapidly, good uniformity. 1000℃ silver brazing technology on solder joints, solder joint stability, resistant to 350℃ high temperature for a long time.
Tapering plate ceramic heater:




Advantages:Rapidly heat,heat transfer area is large, heating uniform , good taste