Kapton Flexible Electric Heater


Kapton Flexible Electric Heater    


1. Kapton flexible electric heater is available in a variety of shapes, sizes and wattages. It features thin design (0.25mm thick) and can be coiled, twisted or accordingly folded to fit the contour of your part, which ensures close contact between the heater and your part, thus contributing to maximum heat transfer efficiency.

2. Compared with heaters of wire wound design, Kapton flexible electric heater offers the advantages of shorter heating time, lower power load and longer life.

3. Light weight and high structural strength enable the electric heater to be used for extremely precise applications in satellite, spacecraft and portable instruments.

4. The operating voltage may be from 1V to 100V. According to the specific requirements, circuits can be flexibly arranged. Some circuits may be for heating purpose and others may be for heat tracing purpose.

5. As Kapton flexible electric heater is highly resistant to oils, chemicals, and radiation, it is suitable for use in harsh environments.

6. PSA is available as an option on heater rated at 1W/cm2and 2W/cm2. The heater can be mechanically clamped or mounted using epoxy adhesive.

7. Kapton flexible electric heater can be integrated with thermostat or sensor for accurate control.

8. Small thermal inertia, fast response, great safety.


Kapton flexible electric heater has found various heating, heat tracing and temperature maintenance applications. Typically, it is used in the following fields.

1. Scientific analytical instruments: thermal conductivity detector, medical devices.

2. Vacuum heating and baking areas

3. Military area: missile, ship, tank, radar

4. Automotive area: car rear view mirror defroster, antenna, radar

5. Aerospace area: satellite, spacecraft

6. Medical equipment, beauty equipment




Protect the Kapton flexible electric heater from being scratched.


We at Fullchance provide a one-year warranty on our Kapton flexible electric heaters, during which substandard products are replaced free of charge.

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