Silicone heater board

12v,24v,110v,120v,220v,230v,240v,360v Electric Silicone Rubber Fuel Filter Heaters with 3M
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*High thermal efficiency,pliable,heat fast
*Adhesive with 3M468MP
*Wholesale price
*Used as engine heater



12v,24v,110v,120v,220v,230v,240v,360v Electric Silicone Rubber Engineer Heaters with 3M CE 


Flexible Silicone Rubber Heater Description:


1-Silicone Rubber Heater are slice,with softness bu traditional metal heater

couldnot reach.The slice,which is used silicone rubber pressed in 2 glass fiber.

2-Silicone Rubber Heater have good heat conductivity because of thinness and flatness,which its standard thickness of 1.5mm.

3-Silicone Rubber Heater has good softness to enable it can be intimate contact with heated objects completely,such as cured surface and drum.

4-General heating element is carbon content,while silicone rubber heaters' heating element is uniformly distributed by nickel chrome resistance wire,make it used easily and safely.

5-Silicone Rubber heater can be customized accouding to your requirements.

6-Silicone Rubber Heater could be made different shapes,such as Round,Triangular,Rectangular etc.

7-As this is real manufacturer as factory so that we could provide short and accurate lead time.

8-MOQ: it could be made from 1pc.

9-It could be used in all kinds of industries for enquipments.

NOTE: can be customized as your detail requests