Silicone heating dehumidifier

220V Silicone rubber heating band,OEM Original Equipment Manufacturing
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Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:
Industrial packaging accepted
Delivery Detail:
6-8 working days after received the 30% deposit.
heating quick,even
Thin,flexible,easy install
Quality Assurance
Structure Performance:
The products are mainly made of nickel-chromium alloy wire and insulation materials, heat quickly, high thermal efficiency, long service time.
Heating element is the nickel chrome resistance wire which is wrapped around E-glass fiber core frame, main insulator is silicone rubber, good heat resistance, and reliable insulation
The product has excellent flexibility, can be wrapped around the heated around the heated equipment directly, and contact closely and heating evenly.
1) The max temperature of insulating heat: 250°C Recommended temperature: <200°C 
Insulation Resistance>50MΩ   Dielectric strength: ~1500V/min    Power deviation: 5%
DRD50 silicone rubber band heater is a particularly soft and fixed heating band, with high design power density ,therefore, it can be used both general constant power bands' heating, heat preservation and the places need to heat.
Using tips:
1)   When installed, flat side of the silicone rubber band should be closely contact to surface of the heated pipes and tank, and fastened by aluminum foil tape.
2)   In order to reduce heat lost, there should be insulating layer which installed outside the heating band.
3)   Reuses to overlap the winding installment, by against overheated damaged. In addition may according to the user request (specification, size) the incoming sample have custom-made.
DRD50 silicone rubber band can be wrapped around the heated equipment and fastened by aluminum foil tape. And there will be better heating and insulation effection if you insulating layer in the heater's outside.