Silicone heating dehumidifier

flexible silicone heating plate
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Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:
Industrial packaging accepted
Delivery Detail:
6-8 working days after received the 30% deposit.
1. Heating quick, even, flexible, light, long life.high
2. Accurate delivery time
3. Real manufacturer!
4. OEM, ODM Welcomed   
Silicone rubber heaters are slice, with softness that traditional metal heaters does not have.
The slice, which is used silicone rubber pressed into two glass fiber. cloth containing into silicone and pressure into one sheet.
Silicone rubber heaters have good heat conductivity because of thinness and flatness (standard thickness: 1.5mm).
Silicone rubber heaters’ good softness, enable it can be intimate contact with heated objects completely, such as curved surface drums etc.
General heating element is carbon content, while silicone rubber heaters’ heating element is uniformly distributed by nickel chrome resistance wire, make it used easily and safely.
Different with common carbon content heaters, silicone rubber heaters can be made into all kinds of shapes based on form of the heated object, such as round, triangular, rectangular etc.
Short and accurate lead time! (One piece accepted).
Can be designed and manufactured according to your demands/drawings/samples specifications.
Widely used in many kinds of industries and equipments.
It has the characteristics of thin and soft, so that it could achieve light-weight, miniaturization.
This product is warming faster, and need adjust temperature.
Application of silicone rubber heaters:
Heat preservation of Drum and tubes; anti-freeze of oil drum and pumps;’ Anti-moisture of motor and electric generators; paper, plastics’ hot slice, pelleters, tableting machines, binder harden, Food vending machines, Insulation board dental machines, Beauty machines, Hospital check desks, Mobile food cars, Physical and chemical equipments, hot plates, Measuring equipments’ anti-freeze and thermal insulation in cold regions; Metallic bond’ s preheat, shrinkable tubes’ heat, Pot antennas’ anti-freeze; Suits’ processing, Synthesis boards’ processing, Missile aviation equipments’ thermal insulation; Greenhouse machines, Burner gasifiers and cement’ s anti-freeze