Silicone rubber heating blanket

Silicone Heater Pad New 25watts 220VAC for Oil Pans,Chicken Waters,2''*11''
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Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:
30pcs/CTN CTN of 29*36*54CM
Delivery Detail:
5-7days upon receipt your full advanced payment
>Faster/easier engine cranking in cold weather
>Immediate engine oil pressure
>Easy installation
>Fast delivery
Silicone Heater Pad New 25watts 220VAC for Oil Pans,Chicken Waters,2''*11''
Great for cold weather applications
3''×18''  35w 
500mm Silicone Cable with digital thermostat
Install with 3M 468MP
Price: USD15.00/pc FOBShenzhen
A convetioanl tank heater does a great job heating the water in your engine,but does nothing to heat oil.Cold oil takes time to start flowing when you start your vehicle.Until the oil flows,you are wearing out your engine.
The heater keep your oil warm and flowing no matter what the temperature ourside is.Helps reduce engine wear with easy flow of engine oil.
The configurations works very well on Diesel pickups that have the oil drian plug inthe center of the pan.And other tanks you donot have access to the bottom of the tank.The configuration allow you to put one pad on each side,and give nice even heat.The application also work well on other tanks you spread out the heating surface.Most efficient means of heat transfer available.
Can be used on engine oil pans,outdoor air comopressors,chicken waters(metal ones),small pet watering dishes,etc.
Accept customized Heaters as your needs