Composite Curing Flexible Heater Blankets

flexible band silicone heater
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heating quick,even
thinness,flexibility,easy fix
temp range:-60 degrees C-+250degrees C
high quality
Our silicone rubber heaters have advantages of thiness(standard thickness:1.5mm), lightness and high temperature control close contact with the heated objects and transfer heat to anywhere you need. There are two kindsof heating cores: high resistance alloy wires and platinum. Heating cores which made from platinum can make silicone heaters endure very high power density and improve heating. 
Insulating layers are made from silicone rubber and figerglass cloth with high insulativity.
Easy installation to your equipments by vulcanization,3m adhesive; And install by installation holes and blind according to your needs.
1. Heating evenly, accurate and adjustable

2. various shapes, holes, cutouts, profiled watt densities and multiple voltages

3. Put heat exactly where it is required

4. High dielectric strength, flexibility, bendable and cost effectiveness.

5. Resistance to temperature extremes, moisture, weathering, radiation, fungus and chemical attack

6. Heat can be applied to the most complex shapes, geometries, curves and pipes conceivable
without sacrificing efficiency or dependability.

7. Easily bonded and/ or mechanically mounted, even onto the curving surface.
Used for various industries and all kinds of equipments.
 1) Thermal developing in graphic imaging or heating transfer printing equipment

2) Prevent condensation in motors or instrument cabinets

3) Freeze or condensation prevention in housings containing electronic equipment
    For examples: liquid battery, traffic signal boxes, automatic teller machines, temperature control
panels, gas or liquid control valve housings

4) Composite bonding processes

5) Semiconductor process heating

6) Food service equipment

7) Airplane engine heaters and aerospace industry

8) Drums and other vessels and viscosity control and asphalt storage

9) Medical equipment such as blood analyzers, medical respirators, test tube heaters, etc.

10) Curing of plastic laminates

11) Computer peripherals such as laser printers, duplicating machines
12)Freezing protection and anti-pressure, can be used in all kinds of instruments and equipment
13) Medical equipment such as blood analyzers and test pipe heaters
14) Auxiliary equipment of computer such as laser printers
15) Plastic film sulfuration