Composite Curing Flexible Heater Blankets

Adjustable strength, bendable Silicone rubber heater
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heating quick,even
thinness,flexibility,easy fix
temp range:-60 degrees C-+250degrees C
high quality


   Our silicone rubber heaters have advantages of thiness(standard thickness:1.5mm), lightness and high temperature control close contact with the heated objects and transfer heat to anywhere you need. There are two kindsof heating cores: high resistance alloy wires and platinum. Heating cores which made from platinum can make silicone heaters endure very high power density and improve heating. 




1.The silicone rubber heaters have advantage of thinness, lightness and flexibility.

 2. It can improve heat transfer, accelerate warming and decrease power under the process of operation.

 3.Fiberglass reinforced silicone rubber stabilizes the dimension of heaters.

 4.We can produce the silicone rubber heater for the low volts and high volts. 

 5.And the maxium wattage can be made for 1.5w/square cm. 

 6.The heaters can be made for any size and any shapes. 

 7.It is easy to install because of we can put adhesive on the back of the heater.

 8.Inside the heater there are two types of heating way: one is resistance wire and another is heating film




Used for various industries and all kinds of equipments.