Composite Curing Flexible Heater Blankets

12v CE Flexible Electric Heating Element with Velcro&Magnet
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Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:
20*27*52CM Carton Package: 200pcs/CTN
Delivery Detail:
3days upon receipt of 30% in advance
*Designed for all kinds of applications
*Universal application
*Very flexible and pliable
*Plugs into any voltage acceptable
Silicone Rubber Heating Elements with Velcro&Magnet 12v 24v 36v 48v 110v 220v230v 240v 360v 48v CE 
With 3M 468MP and Spring Clips and Velcro and Magnet
Printing company logo,model,voltage,wattage
This silicone rubber heating pad is very versatile.
These heaters/warmers for automotive applications as well as many other uses where a powerful,flexible heaters is needed.
Rated for 1-2 quart systems
Designed for small oil pans/crankcase
Universal Application
Mounts in any position
Very flexible and pliable
Plugs into any volt acceptable
 Use as hydraulic tank,fuel tank,fuel filter oil pan or transmission pan heater
Keep engine oil warm
Prevent cold start damage
Great for Cars,Tractors,Trucks,4 Wheelers,Atv's,Lawn Mowers and so many uses
Electric Heater as engine pad heater,engine warmer pad,engine oil pan heater,engine fuel filter heater,engine panel heater,engine anti-condensation Heater,generater heater,aoto engine heater,automobile engine heater,car engine heater,engine heating pad,engine warmer,battery heater pad,medical instrument heater and so on
1-Cheap+robust+easy to install,highly compacted they reach a surface watt density of up to 2-3w/cm2 and withstand highest stress
2-Apart from our board standard range we also develop and manufacture heaters according to your speacial demands
3-When ordering please specify diameter+length of the heater+wattage+voltage or drawing of special type configuration.If not,please tell us your requirement,we will design if for you