Flexible silicone heater film

220V/110V silicone heating pad for baking cup machine
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heating quick,even,safe&reliable



220V/110V    200W

Length of powercord: 500mm

heating quick,even
thinness,flexibility,easy installation
Temp range: -60-+250deg C/-76~+482deg F

Instant temperature: 300deg C


The silicone rubber hot plates have advantages of thinness, lightness and flexibility. It can improve heat transfer, accelerate warming and decrease power under the process of operation. Fiberglass reinforced silicone rubber stabilizes the dimension of heaters.
(1)Designed according to actual shape and dimension, including three-dimensional geometry to meet the requirement of your equipment
(2)Moistureproof and non-slip silicone rubber material offers longer working life of heaters
(3)Simply sticking to your components through sulfuration, adhesive or fixer
(1)Freezing protection and anti-pressure, can be used in all kinds of instruments and equipments
(2)Applied in the medical equipments such as blood analyzer, test pipe heater, etc
(3)The auxiliary equipments of computer such as laser printer, etc
(4)Plastic film sulfuration