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Fullchancemica heaters offer a solution to applications that require high watt densities, up to 130 watts / sq. inch, or high operating temperatures, up to 600 degrees C or 1112 degrees F. Our mica heaters are manufactured with high temperature phlogopite mica. Phlogopite is a mica paper infused with a high temperature heat resistance polymer. The infused polymer allows the mica heater to be formable during the manufacturing process. The final heat cure increases the rigidity and sets the material.

Mica has an impressive dielectric strength and high temperature capabilities. Micas dielectric strength is 20,000 volts / mm or 508,000 volts / inch. Our 0.010” mica can withstand 50,800 volts. Birk’s mica can withstand temperatures of 700 degrees C or 1292 degrees F for more than 24 hours. The heaters have a lower temperature rating of 600 degrees C or 1112 degrees F compared to the mica material itself. In most cases the leads of a mica heater will be the temperature limiting component.

All mica heaters are designed to be clamped to the surface they are heating. Clamping can be accomplished with a backing plate paired with a heat sink or a cylinder paired with a sheath clamp. In both cases we recommend a layer of ceramic insulation between the heater and the backing plate. The insulation directs the heat towards the heat sink. Clamping a heater also improves the heat transfer of the heater and increases its durability.

Mica heaters do not need to be used in high temperature applications nor do they need to require high temperature components. High temperature mica heaters are normally designed with mica insulated lead wire, high temperature rated sensors and high temperature potting but that does not need to be the case. Mica heaters can be paired with standard Teflon, silicone or other insulated lead wires. The leads and sensors can be potted with a number of different epoxies or RTVs. Sensors and thermocouples can be embedded within the heater or potted on the surface. Mica heaters are customizable for your specific application

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