Flexible Mica heater

Mica heating panel mica heater element
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Quick Heating Up Mica Heater Element
Model :FC-MHF001
Key Specifications
1.Surface temperature: 50~380°c
2.Voltage: AC 5V~240V
3.Power range: 5W~3000W
4.High voltage breakdown test: Installed at room temperature, according to design requirement, can withstand 2000V
0.5mA 1 min shock, without breakdown and flashover.
5.Leakage current: under 2000V/3 shock, leakage current<2 mA
6.Insulation resistance: 1000V AC 100MΩ 1 Min
7.Service life: >6000 hours.
8.Heating Time: 1 min
9.Size, Voltage, Power, Specifications, etc: can be produced according to customers' requirements.
10.Power tolerance: +5%, -10%
11.Power density: ≤0.92W/cm²
Outstanding Features
  • No any power attenuation during service life
  • Quick heating up about 1-2 minutes
  • Customized size , power and color for your options
  • Advanced technologic mica material with saving energy and environmental protection