Flexible Mica heater

Sheathed mica strip heater
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max. 400 °C, 4 W/cm²
-Heating elements customer madecoming in complement
of the range of standard products in stock, defined below .
-Max. watt density over the surface of the heater : 4 W/cm².
-Max. working temperature on the strip heater : 340°C.
-These parameters depend on the using recommandation and
the connection type.
-Width : from 10 to 600 mm
-Length : from 60 to 2000 mm, according to a feasability study.
(mini length according to the type of connection choosen.)
-Thickness : 3.2 mm for a length inf. to 1200mm.
Beyond, thickness between 3.6 and 3.8 mm
( without connection).
-Aluminized sheath in standard. Stainless steel or inconel in option.
-Electrical insulation in mica.
-Voltage : 500Vac max., single phase or three-phase
(three-phase : mini width :90mm)
-Number of connection : 1 or several, according to the intensity.
Connection type :
- without cap : standard leads (340°C) or high
temperature leads (400°C max), terminal or plug.
- with cap : Terminals, plug or braid.
Earth bolt on demand.
See definition of the connection p.4
Manufacturing according to the standard EN 60335-1
- Wattage tolerance : +5%-10%
- Leakage current < 0.75 mA/kW