Flexible Mica heater

Mica Heaters film
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Mica heaters consist of an etched-foil element sandwiched between layers of mica. Installed by clamping to heat sinks, mica heaters provide the ultimate temperature and wattage capability for fast warm up.
Thickness of Heaters
maximum watt density
Features of Mica Heaters
·       Broad temperature range of -150º to 600°C (-238° to 1112°F) provides faster processing and cycle times for greater production output
·       High watt density capability to 110 W/in² (17 W/cm²) provides faster processing times than conventional mica strip heaters
·       Semiconductor processing
·       Packaging, strapping, and sealing equipment
·       DNA analysis (mica heaters used for rapid temperature cycling)
·       Food service appliances
·       Plastics and rubber molding supplemental heat