Flexible Mica heater

Mica heating film
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baseboard heater mica
1.Customized sizes and shapes are accepted
2.Insulation material:mica
baseboard heater mica ,Customizd Size , And temperatures are accepterd 

Specifications/Special Features:
  • Mica to insulation
  • Sealed construction allows direct immersion in liquids
  • Uniform heating to 200°C
  • Thin, flexible etched-foil construction
  • Customized the size and the power, temperature
  • Available in round, rectangular and irregular shapes
         the sample:
          1.Size: 360*500mm  400*1000mm  etc
          2.Power: 300W-1500W
          3.Max Temperature: 280 degrees
          4.suitable for the heating warmer
On a product: No

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