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Mica Heating Film FC-Mica-0008
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Product Description

Mica Heater

Mica Heater regards the high temperature mica as the insulated material, owning the good feathers: Keep aging, the equal face temperature, accerlate to heat.

Specifications/Special Features
· Broad temperature range of 260º To450° C provides faster processing and cycle times for production
· Voltage: 5V-380V(AC)
· Normal power rating: International standare
· Voltage performance: Can resist AC 2000V/0.75 mAh/ 1 min impact without breakdown, no flashover in normal state >100MΩ Insulating performance
· Leakage current: 0.25 mAh
· Usage life: >6000 hours
· High watt density capability to 110 W/in² (17 W/cm² )
· Customized demension, shape, power, voltage and so on.

Features of Mica Heaters
· Can be factory formed to curves
· Can be integrated with temperature sensors
· Clamp directly to heat sink for exceptional heat transfer
· Suitable for vacuum use after organic binder is burned off in initial power-up

Typical Applications
· Semiconductor processing
· Packaging, strapping, and sealing equipment
· DNA analysis (mica heaters used for rapid temperature cycling)
· Food service appliances
· Plastics and rubber molding supplemental heat


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