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Mica Heating Film
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Thick-Film Heaters on Mica
Fullchance's unique thick-film heater element is printed directly onto a mica substrate resulting in a lightweight, low-profile and even heating device. Our mica-TF® heater offers key benefits of thick-film technology, yet is very cost effective.

The mica-TF® heater can be attached to a surface to act as an efficient conductive heater or it can be mounted as a very effective radiant heater.  In either configuration the mica-TF® heater  can help you to improve your product's performance while reducing the overall cost.
Fullchance’s thick film mica heater provides a solution to the following challenges:
Uniform heat distribution:
• Our thick-film heater resistor circuit covers a complete area, vs. tubular or wire heaters that contact only a small portion of the intended heating surface
• The result is no hot or cold spots
Energy Efficiency:
• Many current heating solutions require additional materials to help even out the heat.  These materials add thermal mass.
• Fullchance's heaters do not require these additional materials, resulting in less energy required to heat a system
• Lower overall cost by reducing the number of components and thereby speeding up and implifying the assembly process
Efficient Radiant Properties:
• 95% emissivity means that mica-TF® heater is a top performing and efficient radiant heater
Other Benefits include:
• Geometric Versatility: from small heaters to heaters up to and beyond 30" x 30"
• Multi-zone Heating: enabling multiple power levels or power densities
• Increased Safety: hot spots or high heat areas that can cause safety concerns for end users
- Liquid & food warming
- Radiant comfort heating
- Heating outdoor electronics and panels
- Specialty and industrial applications
Technical Specifications
Maximum Operating Temperature 
UL Recognized to 483°F (250°C)
Power Density
Free Air/ natural convection: up
to 8 W/in2 (1.2 W/cm2)
Conductive/Forced Convection
>12 W/in2  (>2 W/cm2)
UL approved up to 240 AC and 240 DC
Mica Thickness
0.4 – 1.0mm, Standard  0.5mm
Maximum Size
29 in x 40 in. (74 cm x 102 cm)
Emissivity on Mica
Resistance Tolerance
+10% to -10% (lower tolerances available upon request)