PET Heating Film

PET electric heating film
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Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail:
Carton(500pcs or 1000 pcs per carton,details per the size)
Delivery Detail:
20-40 days after received the down payment
PET electric heating film is high thermal efficiency
Long service time
Safety,no naked fire
Warming faster
Heat use to small
PET electric heating film is special fever material in two PET chip clamping make of pure resistive planar heating element.
It's planar heating,high thermal efficiency,enery saving,warming faster,heat use to small.Material soft,can make unplane  object uniform heat,long service life,no naked fire,safety and reliable, suitable for using temperature below 130 degree's environment.
Advantage of PET Electri Heating Film 
High thermal efficiency
Low power consumption
Long service time
No naked fire, safety
Warming faster
Heat use to small   
Widely application of PET Electri Heating Film
electric heating shoes 
electric heating gloves 
electrothermal clothes 
massage chair 
pet heating pad 
mobile phone
PCB and some other low temperature heating product

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