PET Heating Film

heating film for car rearview mirror polyester 12v,6v,13v,5v
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The PET electric heating film is a low-temperature metal electric heating film which takes a PET polyester film as an insulating layer; and the PET polyester film has excellent insulating strength, can be bent (for example, the film can be wound outside a drum-shaped object to be heated), and has excellent dielectric strength and rather high thermal conversion efficiency which is usually 95 percent or so.
Technical Parameters
Insulating MaterialPET Polyester Film
Common Thickness0.1~0.6mm
Maximum Service Temperature100°C (below 80°C for a long time)
Minimum Temperature-36°C
Maximum Power Density7.8W/cm2
Voltage Range1.5-220V
Main characteristics:
A: The PET electric heating film is a flexible heating element and can be bent.
B: It is energy-saving and power-saving. The temperature that a general heating material reaches at 10W can be reached by the metal electric heating film at 7-8W, and the energy is saved by about 30 percent.
C: The metal electric heating element has long service life which is more than 5 times that of the traditional electric heating wire heating element.
D: The product has no open fire and is safe and reliable. A low-voltage electric heating appliance produced by using the pet electric heating film can be used next to the skin, is safe and reliable, and cannot cause electric shock hazard.
 Main application
A: Medical care and beauty industries of electric heating waistbands, electric heating knee pads, electric heating insoles, electric heating gloves, electric heating mouse pads, electric heating clothes, pet clothes, baby bottle warmers and so on
B: The defrosting of automotive rearview mirrors and bathroom mirrors
C: Low-temperature heating elements such as thermal insulation bags, fish tank heaters and so on.
It can be simply and conveniently installed. The heating element can be pasted by a double faced adhesive tape and can also be fixed on a heated body by a mechanical method.
All PET electric heating products can be customized according to requirements of customers on voltage, size, shape and power.
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