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Polymer (PTC) heater
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1) Aluminum shell. It is very easy to fit, constant temperature, safty, long last time. PTC heater is very appropriate under 260 temperature. Main appliances: hair straightener, hair curler (crimper), wax melting heater, humidifier, water boiler, liquid warmer, coffee warmer, polymer press-coating heater, hot glue gun, chocolate extruder. For detailed uses of PTC, air heater, hair straightener, hair curler, drink warmer, water heater, vapor generater, read other pages in this website.
2) Ceramic shell. It is very appropriate for low power amd 50~250
, Main appliances: mosquito destroyer, aroma emanater, massager, hair straightener
3) Hair straightener plate. There are several materials to be choosed, such as aluminum plate coated with ceramic paint, aluminum plate oxygenated, aluminum plate coated with teflon, aluminum plate electroplated, ceramic plate polished, ceramic plate glaze coated. Many color can be choosed. For details of hair straightener, read another page in this website.

3. Notice in appliance.
1) After switching on, the heating power is large, and then decrease, finally it become steady state. The steady state power depends on appliance conditions. Faster is the heat conduction, higher is the steady state power; higher is the surface temperature, higher is the steady state power.
2) The surface temperature of PTC can be controlled by itself, control circuit and protecting circuit may be omitted in most appliances.
3) It can be used for heating liquid, and it’s no problem when liquid was dried.
4) Very high reliable, over temperature was impossible.
5) The surface temperature increases (or decreases) about 8
, when supplied voltage increases (or decreases) 2 time.
6) Our PTC products are reliable, long aging, but if they are assembled improperly, the end product may be loose, power or temperature may be instable.
7) Parallel connection is necessary for t
wo or more PTC connection.

4. Current products.
Aluminum shell constant temperature heating element.
PTC for hair straightener, PTC for curler, PTC for water heater, PTC for drink wamer, refering to other page of this website.