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kapton heater /PI heater film
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customized kapton heater  

Polyimide Heaters is made of Polyimide as the outer insulation material and Metal foil as the internal heating element,then put together through high temperature and pressure.





Insulation Material

Polyimide film

Thickness of Heaters




Maxium watt denstiy





1. lightweightflexible, Designed according to actual shape and dimension

2. Planar heating makes heat uniform and efficient.

3. Excellent Anti-Chemical Corrosion property

4. The life for using is 10 times longer than traditional heater strip.

5 .High precision of watt control.within 5%.

6. fast efficient thermal transfer



·       Hair rollers Hair straightenerMassor  household appliances 

·       Medical diagnostic instruments: Heat sample trays, cuvettes, reagent bottles, etc.

·       Warm satellite components

·       Protect aircraft electronic and mechanical devices against cold at high altitudes

·       Stabilize optoelectronic components

·       Test or simulate integrated circuits

·       Enable cold weather operation of outdoor electronics such as card readers or LCDs

·       Maintain constant temperature in analytic test equipment