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Mica heater
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Mica heating element 
Mica heater is adjustable thermostat
Protection from over heating
Standing and wall mounted
Mica heater adopts different kinds of nonmetal conductive materials and radiated materials such as inorganic ceramic and glass to form an inorganic conductive resistance film on its surface, through different techniques such as printing, high temperature sintering and envelopment. It comes into being a whole unit whose outer surface covered with mica insulated slice and hemmed with metal. When it is electrified, the electric resistance film gives out infrared heat to form heat radiant point and heat itself through convection.
Specification of Mica heater:
Electricity Capacity
 1500V£¯1min 5mA, no phenomena of breakdown and flashover
 Long using life
 (≤210¡æ controlled dry burning) ≥20000 hours
 Power tolerance
 Power consistency
(effective heating area of film, its power consistency is related to the
structure of entire machine) ≤ 0.55W£¯CM²
 Supply voltage
  AC or DC
 Element dimension
 Non-standard element can be made according to the customer’s requirement
Application of Mica Heater:
Convectory heater
 Radiant heater
 Physiatrics bed
 far-infrared light wave room(sauna room)
 Glass, mica compound heater
 Wax melte
The voltage, resistance, power and the design are customized. We can produce according to our customers' need and design.
If you are interested in our products or have any questions, please feel free to contact with me. I'm willing to service to you.
Best wishes!
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