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- Long lifespan 
- Precision in power controlling 
- Strong corrosion resistance



Polyimide heating film is made by using polyimide membrane as isolating material and metal foil as the heating element through heat seal processing in the condition of high temperature and high pressure

Technique data:

Insulating material Polyimide
Heating film thickness 0.08mm~0.2mm
Working tempreature -200°C~200°C
Highest power density 7.8W/cm2

Product features:

1, Soft texture, flexible for bending, custom-made shape acceptable
2, Facet heating (against the point heating), better property in the temperature uniformity and faster heating speed
3, Excellent property in resistance of chemical corrosion
4, Long life-span in usage, 10 times longer compared with those by using traditional heating wire
5, Precision in the power controlling, limited in the range of ± 5%
6, Thermal conversion rate as high as 98%, save 30% energy compared with usual heating elements

Product application:

Hair divider, hair straightener, massager and other home electronic appliance, industrial equipments, instruments and meters
Medical diagnostic devices, the efficient heating source of the analysis meter 
Temperature compensation for the instruments in the high temperature environment to maintain the safe working temperature 
Protect airplane and other military products, electronic & mechanical products working normally in the area of high altitude area To resist the low temperature in the high altitude area 
Keep the photoelectron elements stable 
The heating source used in the vacuum heating and toast heating
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